SEASON CHANGE!! Scratchiness in your throat? Discomfort while swallowing?? If yes, you are suffering from sore throat, a very common problem that can be painful and annoying at times.

A sore throat usually has following symptoms:

• Muffled voice

• Pain that causes difficulty in swallowing

• Dry throat

• Scratchy sensation in your throat

• A running nose

• Headache

• Muscle aches

• Cough

• Inflammation ( redness and swelling) in your throat
And just when you realize that you are going through one of the above symptoms, you are suffering from a sore throat.


A sore throat is mainly caused due the Viral infection or Bacterial infection. Most of the sore throats are caused due to viral infection and do not respond easily to the medication. This kind of sore throat usually comes along with flu, common cold, fever, running nose.  A bacterial sore throat is caused due to bacteria called Streptococcus which causes an infection in the throat that leads to difficulty in swallowing and even speaking. A sore throat caused due to these bacteria is therefore named as Strep throat. Such kind of sore throats do not respond to the naturally homemade Sore Throat Remedies but needs to be cured using antibiotics.


Statistics reveal that nearly 70% of the sore throat disappears on its own with the help of Sore Throat Remedies that can be arranged at home.




Antibiotics are not usually recommended when you have a sore throat until and unless its severe and you are on a verge of some serious infection. If a sore throat is not that major, following Sore Throat Remedies can be of great help in curing a sore throat:

• Put a tablespoon of salt or a pinch of garlic in a glass of lukewarm water and gargle for at least 4-5 times a day.

• Instead of using water while gargling, you can use beta-dine.

• Hot lemonade mixed with honey gives you an instant relief.

Ginger and Honey for Sore Throat – You can also have 1 spoon of honey mix with ginger juice. But it should be taken once a day because it’s very strong.


• A warm cup of herbal tea can provide immediate soothing relief to your throat.

• Soup has an added benefit when you are sick. While in sore throat you cannot swallow or chew food easily, soups are the best that you can have while having a sore throat.

A freshly made chicken soup is considered to be one of the best Sore Throat Remedies .

“The sodium in the Broth has anti-inflammatory property”- An expert

• According to anecdotal reports, modern-day marshmallows can help ease sore throat pain, possibly because the gelatin coats and soothes.


Other than the Sore Throat Remedies mentioned above, you can use the following self care tips:

• Avoid eating or drinking hot stuff as it may irritate your throat.

• Avoid smoking.

• Drink enough water

• Gargle regularly

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” – Voltaire

Some Home Based Sore Throat Remedies

Are you suffering from pain in the throat? Irritation and tonsils? Then here is a solution.

Sore throat is an initial symptom of cold and fever. However, if steps are taken to treat it immediately, then one can save itself from huge course of medicines. Sore throat generally is accompanied by runny nose and chest congestion.
In many cases sore throat gets better on its own whereas in some it gets severe. Sore throat is caused due to streptococcus bacteria, dryness of throat due to cold air entering throat continuously, certain viruses etc. severe sore throat leads to painful tonsils, chest infection, and accumulation of mucus leading to congestion and inflammation. In addition sore throat symptoms includes headache, sneezing, cough, mild fever and in some case body pains and swelling in throat.
Sore Throat Remedies

Sore Throat Remedies

So now there are ways to get relief from sore throat and pain caused or you can say it as sore throat remedies:-
1. Drink lukewarm water, it helps relieve pain.
2. Gargle with warm salt water 3-4 times a day.
3. Drink green tea, it lowers down the swelling.
4. Cough when you feel like; do not hold it back as it will only make you uncomfortable.
5. Take bath with hot steaming water to clear your sinuses.
6. You can use humidifier in your room to add moisture as cold dry air increases throat irritation. 7. Drink hot soups. 8. Avoid cola drinks and other cold drinks like juices.
9. Take 1 tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of ginger juice, mix it and take it twice in a day, it helps killing germs.
10 do not eat or drink dairy products as it leads to build up of mucus.
11. Give rest to your throat and don’t talk too much.
12. If possible, gargle with vodka, it helps fighting infection and kill germs.
13 you can also take steam, in steamer ad water and let it boil, then add vicks into the boiling water and then inhale the steam by covering your head with towel so that the steam doesn’t go away in the air.
The above mentioned were some home made sore throat remedies. If you have severe sore throat and the above remedies are not giving any benefit or you do not see any improvement then you should see the doctor and take the course of anti-biotic medicine as prescribed by your doctor. And there are also some sweet medicinal candies available to relieve strep throat or sore throat.
As we say that “prevention is better than cure”, keeping this in mind it is suggested to treat your sore throat at initial stage because if not then it may take the face of major and serious diseases like, asthma, thyroid, pneumonia, and even cancer in rare cases. Also, it is advisable to stay as much as you can in isolation, so that you don’t spread the bacteria in the air or it is not transferred to anyone else in the house especially small children because they are sensitive.

Sore Throat Problem, Causes and Home Made Remedies

Throat technically known as pharynx is created for multifunctional job. It carries food from mouth to stomach, helps inhaling air when your nose is blocked during cold and flu also it helps in speaking and voice modulation. You must have had sore throat many a times in life which may be due to viral infection or bacterial infection. Many a times it is cured on its own but in some severe cases sore throat remedies and treatment is required. But did you know that because throat and stomach are connected many problems of throat are occurring because of stomach.


Considering different tasks that throat perform would you like to be one with sore throat or bad throat. Especially for people who earn their living through their throat, here we talk about singers, professional vocalists, speakers, debaters etc. The symptoms of throat problem may be thick mucus, cough, clearing of throat, swelling, inflammation, pain while swallowing, which may affect life of such people greatly. These problems can bring voice deformity like, roughness in voice, uneven pitch, cracking of sound.

Besides variety of viral and bacterial infections one of the other causes of throat problem is stomach acid. We eat range of foods in a day which produce acid in our stomach and when we sleep at night the production of acid is double at that time. The traveling of acid in a wrong direction, i.e. upward towards throat causes voice problem. Many patients are surprised to know that this kind of reaction in stomach has cause them sore throat and fail to understand that how acid reflux occurred. They are unaware of the fact that acid reflux is very normal in all human being and occurs 40-50 times a day. We do not generally feel the consequences because our esophagus (limb connecting stomach and throat) adapts to deal with the reflux.

So, now when we have understood that our body is very complex and all the organs have effect on each other, we also need to understand the lifestyle in which we are living. Our eating habits are affecting our health daily. And with each day we are coming close to some or the other health problems, come temporary and some permanent. The problem with today’s generation is that we check on our diet after being affected by some health problem where as precautions should be taken before hand, so that we shouldn’t face any consequences. Do you smoke? Do you consume diet rich in caffeine, fat, mint, alcohol, citrus acid? If yes then start keeping control on food rich in these categories as they contribute in production of high acidic fluid in our stomach. Caffeine and alcohol being number 1 on list is the greater offender.


Changes in eating habits if not enough then in addition exercising and taking antacid daily can be the treatment to cure throat and voice problem.  Even after this entire process if the problem persists for more than two weeks then you should immediately consult a doctor and take medicine prescribed by him. As they say that, “Prevention is better than cure.” We should adapt this saying and make our life healthy and beautiful.

Sore Throat Remedies – Food to avoid for a sore throat

Sore throat as discussed earlier is a very uncomfortable condition, no matter if it is mild or severe. While going through the period of sore throat we always wonder what wrong have i eaten to get this sore throat. It is very obvious that some foods can worsen your sore throat even by eating them once or in a very little quantity. Let’s discuss some sore throat remedies, foods which a person with sore throat would surely like to avoid.

Food to avoid during Sore Throat Problem

• Avoid eating sour food. Sour eatables can just be bad if not worse to increase your pain and scratchiness in the throat. Some of the sour products which one commonly eat or drink are candy, fruits like orange and grapes, lemonade etc. For that matter even a slightly sour product should be avoided like cranberry juice or fruits like pineapple, litchi.

• The other taste category of food which is spicy should definitely be avoided. Spicy food can sometime also become a reason for sore throat. Some people are affected easily but some does not even get affected. Some of the spicy food to be avoided is pickles, gol-gappas, salsa sauce etc.

• Any food item which you find is difficult to swallow should be avoided. Like some dry fruits, popcorn, dried out cereals etc. these foods further when goes into the throat becomes scratchy and irritates your throat and ultimately you tend to cough. These products can however be consumed, as an alternative you can always change the form of food like you can put dried out cereals into milk and then consume it. Always try to have foods which are soft and moist so that it can easily go down your throat.

• Fried food is another category to be avoided while suffering from sore throat. Fried foods are generally crispy, crunchy and hard in quality which is again difficult to swallow. Moreover when any crunchy thing you eat goes through your throat. It irritates you even more.

• Wrong temperature of food (weather too hot or too cold) also plays a major role in worsening the sore throat. For example when you eat ice cream you can let it melt a bit or when you drink hot coffee or soup you should let it be little cool similarly can drink soft drink or juice without ice.

• Products containing caffeine like coffee and soda drinks are very harmful not only during sore throat but otherwise also. These products increase the problem of your throat and can also lead to thyroid and diabetes.

• Other foods and drinks to avoid during sore throat are acidic foods like vinegar, alcohol, chilly food, frozen food etc.

Some foods which should be eat in sore throat


• Banana:-  banana being a soft fruit in easy to swallow and moreover it’s a non-acidic fruit.

• A bowl of chicken soup:- chicken soup is very good for sore throat as it has quality ti fight the bacteria build up in the throat.

• Lemon juice and honey mixture:- it is a very old remedy to relieve sore throat. It reduces inflammation thus leaving you feel better.

• Eggs:- scrambled egg or white egg is easy o digest and helps fight inflammation. It is rich in proteins and very healthy.

• Tea:- ginger or honey tea are excellent to calm you sore throat. While sipping a tea inhale the steam, it is very beneficial.

So above were some eat and not to eat foods for sore throat. If you have any suggestions or views about the above article, then kindly comment in the box below and to know more about sore throat and it’s home made remedies kindly go through sore throat Remedies blogs.

Understanding Sore Throat Treatment

Life is becoming fast and complex. With busy work schedules and the parallel running personal life is making people find short cut to everything be it their office route, work assignment, promotion at work or their “FOOD”. The present generation is ignoring the major asset called “HEALTH”. Junk food and [censored] y eatables have become the part of the meals today which is why in early age children are suffering from problems like obesity, asthma and other respiratory and gastronomical problems. Today’s generation has made fast food elixir of life but they cannot be put to fault completely as the present fast life and commercialization has made them addicted to such eating habits. Also Junk and [censored] y food as almost replaced the meal of youngsters. Any get-together, party, reunions are incomplete without the presence of such eatables.

The major reason for this shift to junk food is the influence of western culture. Adopting western style is not a bad thing but we are forgetting that no doubt west is very much dependent upon junk for their meals but even the Junk food available there carries nutritive value. The eatables available there have to p[censored] various hygiene and nutritive standards. Where as in India such checks are missing which is why the impact can be seen on wider scale.

When we talk about the harmful effect of our present eating style the list is quite big . To be precise it is making the young generation face various health problems which were not even heard of in early times.

We must understand the requirement of our body if we want it to function well throughout .In earlier times young and old never depended upon cosmetics to look good. Their healthy diets made there faces and skin shine but the generation today cannot think of moving out without the artificial shine on which comes from the expensive cosmetics.

Another major problem which we see is Obesity, which is seen in both young and old which, in itself invites many other health troubles. Constipation is another common problem that we see around.

Also the immunity of our body to fight against diseases and infections has also reduced which makes us prone to various infections like common cold etc. Every other youngster that we come across is anemic.

One must understand that adding right mix of [censored] es to our food is also important. Every [censored] e “MASALE” available have there own qualities but as we say “Excess of Everything Is Bad” so having food which is [censored] y and making it a routine is harmful for our body in long run.

So fast food or excessive [censored] y food can be called “FAKE FOOD” which gives you all the contentment for that particular moment but harms you badly in long run. We don’t say that one must not have it as we are humans and we require change. But the basic essentials of the meals should be taken care of. A child should be taught healthy eating habits right from the birth and HOME plays a major institute where one can learn such healthy habits .Parents must focus on healthy diet of the child. Also government must keep a check on the eatables available in the market and also a check must be kept on quality of food.

Home made sore throat remedies

Sore Throat Due To Allergy

Sore throat is one of the most annoying conditions which is why we see a doctor and ask for some immediate assistance. Sore throat due to allergy tends to release histamine inside the body. Also a sore throat from an allergy may be the side-effect of postnasal drip, the continuous dripping of mucus behind the throat. Allergy can also be due to inhalants, be they pollens, molds, dust, etc. According to ENT specialists the process of allergy begins when a person inhales an airborne allergen, some antibodies are produced in to response of immune system. This is to ward off the substance, resulting in swelling and irritation in various parts of the body most common being the sinuses, the throat and the lungs.


These allergy reactions result in building up of mucus in the throat which causes irritation and also encourage the growth of bacteria. It is recommended to spit the mucus rather that taking it down into your throat. Because if it’s an allergic sore throat then it might not do infection, but if it continues then it can set in infection even multiplying the bacteria thus complicating the situation. Mucus starts building up and later gets worse by becoming thick and dry, making a dark place for airborne bacteria to settle and result in severe infection. The infuriating ache in throat leaves a person tired fatigued and sick sometimes. To deal with your allergic sore throat and to sooth the pain and soreness, here are some tips. Sore Throat Remedies :

• Breath moist air: – Inhaling dry hair can worsen the condition. Some people might have observed that sometimes while sleeping their mouth is left open and when you get up in the morning it pains like hell and sore throat is caused. So dry air dries up your throat leaving you irritated and n pain. You can add a humidifier in your room to add moisture in air. It is easily available.

• Gargle:-  It is a very traditional and most effective method. There is no other method as effective as this one to soothe your sore throat. Take a cup of warm water and add half teaspoon of rock salt or whichever salt is available with you and gargle with it at least 3 to 5 times a day and especially before going to bed and after getting up in the morning.

• Medicine:- several pills are available in the market which you can keep in your mouth and suck it for hours. It slowly kills the bacteria and coats the throat and gives you relief. It available is several herbal flavors like honey, garlic etc.

• Talk:-  during sore throat problem many people tend to speak slow, softly and very limited, which is why their condition gets worse. Because murmuring cause muscles to overwork this add pain to soreness. So the best way is to talk in a normal tone.

• Spit the mucus:- though it does not cure sore throat but it helps in treatment by not letting the infection build up. Whenever you feel mucus in your throat, try spitting it out rather than taking it into your throat.

• Recommendations:-  No need of using mouthwash, there are chances of alcohol and other astringents being present in mostly all the mouthwash. It will only make the problem bigger rather than reducing it. Drink green tea as it is full of antioxidants. If the problem of you sore throat persists for long time or is getting worse after all the treatments then you should consult a doctor.

A sore throat can be the first sign of a cold, a side effect of strained vocal cords, or an indication of something more serious (like strep throat). And  in this condition home made sore throat remedies is always a better options.

Different Aspects Of Sore Throat And Its Remedies

A brief – As the name suggests, sore throat pertains to disorders in our throat that take place due to certain causes which could be avoided through precautionary measures and proper medication. Basically a sore throat takes place in the tonsils due to common cold; infection and flu etc that puts us in troublesome situations. Irritation makes it difficult to open our mouth, talk or breathe even. Undoubtedly, we must take sore throat remedies in the early stage itself otherwise it may create severe health problems. Sore throat remedies involves treatment of these symptoms.


Various aspects and health hazards

Causes – Viruses and infection can develop flu, mononucleosis (mono) and blisters in our mouths. Some people breathe through their mouth that gets dried and creates soreness. Smoking could attack us with cancer.

Arcanobacterium haemolyticum and Streptococcus; the two common bacteria also lead to throat problems. Infections due to the former are often linked with gentle red rash, commonly found in the young adults while the latter leads to strep throat and difficulty in talking and swallowing. The infection through bacteria could result in enhanced gentle lymph nodes in our necks. GERD, the Gastroesophageal reflux disease could develop due to the sinus drainage (post nasal drip) through chronic or allergic sinusitis. Viral infections like common cold, the laryngitis or the voice box disorders, the kissing disease, influenza, herpangina or mumps are also the major causes of sore throats. Inflammation in the uvulitis or epiglottises also results in throat problems. Some sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia or gonorrhoea and tiredness due to constant exhaustion and any injury at the backside of the throat could also become solid reasons of severe sore throat.

Homemade Sore Throat Remedies

Health perils – Though sore throats often last long for short durations, yet we must take them seriously as they could prove damaging to our health in many ways. Any sore throat that exceeds fifteen days could become a cause of grave diseases like AIDS or the cancer. Pain at the outer portion of the throat & neck, difficulty in swallowing, talking and opening the mouth are the common impacts. Swellings in lymph nodes / tongue / lips, fever, sneezing, severe coughing, headache are also caused due to sore throats. Pregnant ladies could also suffer badly due to this disease.

Common remedies – Gargles with saltwater / beta-dine / vodka and use of lozenges, sprays, cough drops and decongestants etc are the common sore throat remedies. Antibiotics help for treatment of strep throat due to viral ailment. Always follow the instructions of your doctor before taking Tylenol, mortin or advil, naprosyn, aleve, bufferin or bayer etc. Just mix the ginger juice or hot lemonade with honey and take it once / twice a day. Take hot soup, tea and fluids etc that reduce irritation.

Stay away from smoking and unprotected sexual relationships. In any case, advice of the experienced medical professionals or visit to the reliable hospitals is a must for treatment of grave sore throats that last for longer periods.